Breaking Down Barriers

December 13, 2023

People with disabilities are often seen as mistakes or cursed individuals, leading to rejection and isolation globally.

In China, a young man crawls on the streets, ignored by many, desperately begging for food.

Also, in Romania, a mentally disabled child lives in an orphanage, abandoned by her family who believes she’s cursed.

Furthermore, in Liberia, a man with a physical disability, isolated and hopeless, is viewed as an outcast by his community.

Pastor Genevieve Kumapley will be leading us in bible study tonight where she will be discussing and addressing several key questions such as:

  • What barriers and obstacles do you see in bringing people with disabilities to Jesus Christ? And how can we remove these barriers?
  • What about the Issue of Healing and Demonization?
  • and many more salient questions

Download the study outlines here:

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