Foundation for an Effective Prayer Life

January 24, 2024

Join us as we continue to part 4 of our series on the “Foundation of an Effective Prayer Life”. Tonight we will focus on “Praying the Will of God“, our anchor text will be James 4:23 and it touches on the importance of praying the will of God.

As humans we constantly face an internal battle with our flesh to live according to God’s word. It is easy to think that if you do good, you are good. However, that alone does not make you a Christian. What makes us Christians is that we accept the Lord as our Savior, and we aim live according to His will. 

That being said, when we pray it is not enough for us to pray for “good things”, but we should invite the Holy Spirit to guide us to pray in accordance with His will. In tonight’s session we will learn about the three kinds of the will of God: the general, specific and sovereign. We will delve into how we can improve our prayers to align with His will and you can use these tactical examples to draw closer to God and improve your prayer life.

Please join us as Pastor Jide leads part 4 of our series on the Foundation for an Effective Prayer Life.

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