God Is Our Refuge and Strength

October 11, 2023
God is our refuge and strength

Today, we will explore Psalms 46 and listen for what the Holy Spirit wants to show us about God. It reminds us to give God the glory noting that God is our refuge and strength.

Psalm 46 is one of the Psalms written by the Sons of Korah. It is believed that the psalm was written during one of David’s victories over the enemy nations (2 Samuel 8) Psalm 46 was an inspiration to the hymn “A mighty Fortress is our God” written by Martin Luther.

Pastor Bimbola Lawore will lead tonight bible study on how God Is Our Refuge and Strength.

Pastor B will cover several things such as:

  • Exploring the Power of God
  • What does it mean to be still before God
  • Things that happen when we are still before God

Download the study outlines here:

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