Life-Changing Prayers

February 1, 2023
Lady praying with arms stretched wide

Tonight join us for our series on “Life Changing Prayers”, this session will discuss “Praying in the Spirit.” There are so many powerful benefits of praying in the Spirit, such as:

  • Edifies our spirit
  • Leads to greater sensitivity to being led by the Holy Spirit
  • Leads to receiving wisdom and revelation from God
  • Introduces us to the mysteries of God

There are endless benefits to praying in the Spirit and today we will delve into 9 key points. We pray that as you take this journey God will unlock new levels and take you to greater heights in your spiritual journey.

Pastor Jide Lawore will lead our Bible Study Series on Life-Changing Prayers.

Download the study outlines here:

  • Part 1 Outline
  • Part 2 Outline
  • Part 3 Outline
  • Part 4 Outline
  • Part 5 Outline
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