Nearness to God

July 1, 2022
“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded.” – James 4:8

Dear AHOW Family,

Welcome to the Month of July, our month of NEARNESS TO GOD. This month God is calling us to come nearer to Him. In these uncertain times, it is in nearness to Him that we can truly find peace, joy, strength, and a real purpose to live for. Unfortunately, many people, including many believers, try to find these things on their own, outside of God but soon come up with emptiness. This is because we were designed to function at our very best only in the presence of God.

In Psalm 73, David wrestles with deciding between giving into the world and his sinful nature or drawing near to God and living in obedience to him. He concludes by saying that being near to the heart of God is good. He said in verse 28, “But as for me, it is good to be near God.” God guides us and holds our hand. He is our strength, and He is our refuge (Psalm 73:23-28). We draw near to God because it is what we were created for. We draw near to God because it allows our relationships with him and each other to be much more harmonious. We draw near to God because only He can save us from sin and eternal death.

It is unfortunate that many believers are afraid of becoming very close to God. They want a relationship with God but not closeness to Him. It is because they have a very wrong perception of what that will mean for them. Some are fearful that it would mean being closely scrutinized or judged by Him. Some are afraid that it will bring many constraints and impose many responsibilities. Some are ashamed to draw close because they feel inadequate and unqualified. Because of wrong teachings, we have developed a wrong perception of God. In closeness to God, our weakness becomes strength, our imperfection disappears, and our inadequacy becomes adequate. When the prophet Isaiah saw God in Isaiah chapter 6, yes, he saw his own filthiness, but he did not leave the presence of God condemned. He was cleansed and made even more qualified for greater service to God. No one draws close to God and regrets how they feel.

There are so much riches and abundance in God that we miss when we are distant from Him. True satisfaction comes from God, and it is through closeness to Him that we get to enjoy it. David said in Psalm 36:6-9, “They are abundantly satisfied with the fullness of Your house, And You give them drink from the river of Your pleasures. 9 For with You is the fountain of life; In Your light we see light.

May we receive strength and courage to draw closer to God this season.

Pastor Jide Lawore
Apostolic Leader, AHOWFC

Prayer Points

  • Thank God for the invitation to draw near to Him. Even with our filthiness, He is willing to be close to us. Hebrews 4:16
  • Pray that God will plant the desire to draw near to God in your heart. Psalm 42:1
  • Pray against every deception of the enemy, trying to paint a wrong picture of what drawing closer to God means.
  • Pray that you will be able to overcome every hindrance and remove everything that stands between God and you, whether in your mind, heart, or actions.
  • Pray that you will enjoy the riches of being close to God. and that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God. Ephesians 3:19

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