Praying For Ukraine….and ofcourse Russia

February 28, 2022

Greetings in the name of Jesus. If there is one thing we’ve seen in the last few years, it is that a problem in one part of the world is a potential problem in every part of the world. Hence as believers, we should be concerned about what is going on in Ukraine. When a European nuclear world power decides to invade another country just because he can, and for no justifiable reason, we know that the world is in trouble. Hence we have added prayers for Ukraine and Russia into our daily prayers. I want to encourage you to join our prayer at 9 pm daily.

Our “Daily Strategic Prayer ” occurs from 9 pm – 9:45 pm daily. Every AHOW member is encouraged to participate for at least one day. Let us come together to establish God’s will in our lives, our church, and the world. For more information about the strategic prayer and downloading the daily prayer guide.

Prayer Focus for Ukraine 

  1. Pray for the safety and protection of Ukrainian citizens and military personnels. Many of them have shown incredible courage even though they feel like they’re facing Goliath. Pray that God will vindicate them.
  2. Pray that God will protect the weak and vulnerable, elderly people, children, and those who are sick in Ukraine.
  3. Pray for the Ukrainian church leaders and missionaries laboring in Ukraine to care for the church members affected by this conflict.
  4. Pray for God to stop Russian aggression and change the heart of President Vladimir Putin’s plans regarding Ukraine.
  5. Pray for other Russian leaders and other influential people in Russia that God will put a heart of compassion in them and will be able to use their influence correctly in stopping the violence in Ukraine.
  6. Pray that God would give leaders of the U.S. and other world leaders wisdom, strategy, and courage as they need to make crucial decisions that will stop the Russian aggression in the coming days and weeks.
  7. Pray for the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and the region that God will raise help for those who are displaced, injured, and running for their lives.

Thank you for participating in our prayers.


Jide Lawore
Lead Pastor, Agape House of Worship

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