God’s Blessing of Sleep & Dreams

June 26, 2024

Our bible study this evening is titled “God’s Blessing of Sleep & Dreams”. Our anchor texts are Psalm 127:2 and Numbers 12:6.

Tonight as we delve into the word we will begin by understanding the definitions of both sleep and dreams, before correlating it to what the Bible tells us about them. While everyone sleeps and can have dreams, it is another level to understand how God can speak to us through dreams and how we can tap into understanding and translating what those dreams mean.

God can truly bless us with dreams and as we grow deeper in our walk with him we can begin to discern when He is doing so. As we discuss sleep and dreams, we should lean on the various bible verses we will review to educate us on how we can tap into this level of understanding. We should use these tactical examples to draw closer to God and improve our walk with him.

Please, join us as Pastor Kip Wright leads this evening’s session on God’s Blessing of Sleep & Dream.

Download the study outlines here:

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