The Importance of Light

May 15, 2024

Join us tonight, as we discuss a new topic called “The Importance of Light”, our title for this evening is “Shine Your Light, Make a Difference. Our anchor text will be Matthew 5:16.

There are so many hymns, bible verses and stories about how important being the light is in our Christian journey. We will be starting from the beginning and learning about what light represents in the bible from how it separates, defines and governs. The second half of our session will cover how we are the light of the world. In a world where conforming and darkness is pushed so heavily, this session will remind us of our purpose on earth as the light of the world.

Tonight as we discuss shining our light, we should lean on the various bible verses we will review to serve as encouragement to remember God’s plan for us. We should use these tactical examples to draw closer to God and improve our walk with him.

Please join us as Pastor Kip Wright leads tonight’s session on The Importance of Light.

Download the study outlines here:

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