Pastor (Dr.) Fadele has authored an audiobook to change society. Your 4 Fathers: And Their Kingdoms is a strategic message to a nation in need. It is a book written to bring order at a prophetic level into the fabrics of the nations. It seeks to redress the challenge that Pastor John Hagee succinctly describes in the foreword, “Our society is crumbling from within because the role of the father as priest, prophet, provider, and protector has been removed.”

The book prescribed a solution to this problem by defining and highlighting the calling and impact of the 4 types of fathers that everyone should have: A Biological Father, a Tutorial Father, a Spiritual Father, and a Heavenly Father.

Your 4 Fathers: And Their Kingdoms is useful as audio in matters dealing with families and leadership at every layer of society. It is a must-listen for every discerning heart.

©2014 James Fadele (P)2014 Fadel Publishing International


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