Wisdom for Living: Study of Epistle of James

February 27, 2024

Join us as we continue on part 5 of our 12 part series on “Wisdom for Living: Study of Epistle of James.” Last week we discussed hearing and doing the word, tonight we will focus on “The Sin of Partiality” with James 2:1-13 as our anchor verse.

Before delving into the sin of partiality (or favoritism), we must spend time defining both. By definition, sin is disobedience to God’s law and partiality essentially is an unfair bias or favoritism. This helps lay the foundation in understanding how partiality although it may seem harmless, is a sin.

It is extremely important as Christians that we anchor everything we hear in terms of our faith and journey back to the word of God. If we read John 3:16, John 4:7-12, Psalms 36:5-7 and Isaiah 54:10, we can see God’s character and value is love, which is not consistent with partiality. Partiality is self-centric and can lead to unjust discrimination. In tonight’s session, we will go through the examples of partiality, the negative effects and the solution.

Please join us as Minister Hephzibah Akintobi leads part 5 of our series on the Wisdom for Living: Study of Epistle of James.

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