Wisdom for Living: Study of Epistle of James

April 10, 2024

Join us as we wrap up our ongoing series on “Wisdom for Living: Study of Epistle of James.” Last week we discussed “Prayer of Faith” with James 5:13-20 as our anchor verse.

The book of James has been called the “Proverbs of the New Testament”. Some call it the “Application of the Sermon on the Mount”. One would venture to say that it is basically a “guidebook” for the Christian life. It is direct, simple, practical, and filled with valuable information that teaches us how to live and conduct ourselves in different circumstances in this world—and with others. In the last 12 weeks, we have gone through this powerful book chunk by chunk, and explored many great seeds.

Please join us as Pastor Jide Lawore wraps up our series on the Wisdom for Living: Study of Epistle of James.

Download the study outlines here:

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